Speak to Council

Support the Vacancy Study!
Join us Thursday, May 16th at 6pm for Speak to Council

There is strength in numbers, and when we show up, we win.

City Council needs to hear from the community. Take 2 minutes to stand up along side your neighbors, you can share how the cost of living right now is putting the squeeze on you, your family and your plans for the future.

While you’re up there, be sure to support the other Community Action Plan efforts:
and at the end of your remarks before the buzzer say:

  • “Support the Vacancy Study, Vote Yes on 141!
  • “Bury the BID”
  • “Transparent Assessments Today! Transparent Assessments Tomorrow!”

Sign up to speak by calling 585-428-7538 or emailing council@cityofrochester.gov. Include your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and that you will be speaking in regards to the Vacancy Study!

*Priority speaking spots are given to Rochester residents, you can also join without speaking, sitting in the audience in solidarity, or tune in to the community-supported live stream co-sponsored by NoBID Roc and RocDSA