Local Voices Speak Up!

It’s time to take a stand and have a real say in the future of our downtown.

You might have heard about the proposed Business Improvement District (BID). While there’s been a lot of talk by a few who stand to profit, not all voices have been heard. That’s where “Local Voices Speak Up” comes in. It’s all about bringing intentionally ignored voices to the forefront.

We’ve put together some powerful videos from folks right here in Rochester. They’re sharing their honest thoughts on how this BID will change the face of our city – and not for the better. Think increased policing, negative impacts on small businesses, and the potential loss of our unique local culture. And let’s not forget about the union-busting aspect.

Local Voices Speak Up Against the RDDC’s Proposed Business Improvement District for Downtown Rochester, NY

Chris Thompson put it perfectly: “Just because I don’t own land in the city doesn’t mean my voice shouldn’t count.” This is about more than land; it’s about our rights and our community’s future.

We’re not just stopping at videos. The BID Education Committee is hitting the ground, attending neighborhood meetings, and monthly phone zaps and speaking up at City Council sessions. It’s all about making sure our city leaders hear from us, the people of Rochester, not just the filtered messages from the RDDC.

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