The RDDC’s push for a Business Improvement District that they would control is a direct affront to our community. Using taxpayer funds to support the ambitions of a few at the expense of many is not just unjust, it’s undemocratic. The overwhelming opposition from informed residents is a testament to this. We unequivocally oppose any policy that prioritizes private interests over public welfare and community development.

The RDDC’s BID is a solution in search of a problem. For over a decade wealthy property owners looking to consolidate their power have sought to turn downtown into a special tax district that they control. While we have not had time to fully review the proposed district plan yet, BIDs by definition take voting power and voice away from residents and hand it to the largest property owners. 

We encourage the media to read this petition which summarizes many of the community’s concerns with the RDDC’s push for an antidemocratic special tax district, co-signed by dozens of community groups, and over 1,000 individuals.

We believe the community has raised too many important concerns for RDDC to continue with a plan developed through unrepresentative focus groups and staged engagement. We reiterate our call to Rochester City Council to stop the RDDC’s hostile takeover of downtown and end this BID effort.


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