Union Strong

This BID is privatization, and corporate redlining for the 21st century. Exactly what our city with its unique history and unique challenges doesn’t need.

Are you ready to fight? Join us!


  1. Tell Miguel: Split the Bill! and tell him to protect Union careers downtown.
    ✉️ Click here to send email to Miguel.Melendez@cityofrochester.gov
    ☎️ CALL MIGUEL’S OFFICE: (585) 428-6056 
    Say “We need transparency on #369, Split the Bill” leave your name and contact info.
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Handout from the 10/12/23 meeting

Posters, documentation, and more


Let’s work together to fight the BID, reach out to Kelly (585) 284-2769 (Texts are great!) or connect@nobidroc.com about officially endorsing the NO BID Movement and how we can work together to STOP THE BID.