It’s been a year…

Concerned citizens from Rochester NY

Last year on August 16th Rochester City Council voted to allow the RDDC/RDP to create and file a plan to create a Business Improvement District. The RDDC has not been fully transparent about the potential consequences of the BID. Critical information, such as taxation details, governance structure, and private security, has been withheld from the public. They’ve organized events where they provide only surface-level information, filled with RDDC members hoping for positive responses, and did not identify board members when collecting responses. As genuine voices began to join and speak to their concerns about the BID’s necessity, feedback sessions were canceled, and not rescheduled. This has left the community wondering if our concerns would actually make it to council.

This is our opportunity to change that. Your experiences and stories are critical to shaping council’s understanding of how the BID would negatively impact our businesses, families, and community. If you’ve witnessed the lack of transparency, are concerned about potential tax implications, who will be in charge, or are concerned about the impact on your freedom to just exist in public space, It’s time for you to come forward and speak up.

Come speak to council

Join us Thursday August 17, at City Hall, to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear. Your presence and support matters. There is strength in numbers. Let’s come together, speak up, and be the catalyst for positive change in our city.

Sign up to speak by calling 585-428-7538 or emailing  Include your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and that you will be speaking in regards to the “Business Improvement District.” and then RSVP with us to let us know you’re coming!

See you at the council meeting!

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