Tell Council to “Split the Bill”

The mayor has created a problem by bundling very different Ambassador projects together.
He is trying to force council to approve spending $125,000 of our tax dollars to the RDDC!

? City Council needs to amend “Introductory #369 (The Ambassador Bill)” to separate the two projects.

Got 10 Minutes?

? Call your council member at the numbers above and tell them politely who you are, give your zip code and say “I am concerned about #369, the Mayor’s attempted giveaway to wealthy developers. I’m asking you to “split the bill” so you can fund real outreach programs, but don’t give any of my tax dollars to the RDDC for their BID AMBASSADORS & NO BID!”

Really fired up?

Come join us for speak to council this Thursday 9/14/23 6pm at City Hall! (Rally at 4:45)
SIGN UP TO SPEAK: ☎️ (585) 428-7538 or email ✉️

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